Wine Cellar

SNP produces high level standard wine cellar. To provide the best environment for the wine, we have humidity and temperature control.

We use a system is more safe, more steady, more accurate, and more easy to control the temperature with ultrasonic humidify and dehumidify system.

Red wine should be kept at temperature within 11-17 degrees. Too hot, the life of the wine will be shorten. Too cold, the cork will protrude and the life of the wine will also come to an end.

Humidity should be kept between 55-80%. Too dry, will make the cork dry out and leak. Too wet, will damage cork and make it moldy, the wine thus spoilage.

SNP-Refrigeration provide you the most suitable modular wine warehouse. Not only control the temperature accurately, with ultrasonic humidify and dehumidify system, scan Red Wine Cellar humidity from time to time, to keep the humidity stable. The size and volume of the wine cellar could be designed with your need, we offer free on site measurement and quotation, please feel free to email us for scheduling.

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